Overview of Study Abroad Programs


We work with Study Abroad officers, program directors and faculty from other colleges and universities to help them put together a program of study specifically addressed to the needs of groups or individual students. Study-abroad experiences can be tailor-made to meet curricular (including practical) and co-curricular (e.g., company/organizational visits, etc.) objectives, time constraints and delivery preferences.

Three kinds of programs are generally offered:

Faculty-led Programs

In this flexibly structured program, students take courses at our Athens campus that are taught by faculty from their home universities. In addition, they may take one or more credit- or non-credit Hellenic American University courses or participate in site visits. The courses usually include the introduction to Greek history and culture, “Athens across the Ages” or one of the On-Site study-and-travel seminars. The dates of the Hellenic American University courses are set to accommodate the home university’s teaching schedule.

These programs are often held in intersessions, over Spring Break or in the summer, but some universities have designed semester-long programs with us.

A Semester at Hellenic American University

In this program, we work with individual students put together with the approval of their faculty advisor their own full semester of courses. These include courses from the Hellenic American University’s General Education and degree program offerings and, or travel seminars held before or after the semester classes.

Hellenic American University On-Site Seminars

Any of the courses on Greek history, culture and art, as well as the walking and sailing study trips, can be taken on their own. Starting dates depend on student enrollment.

Seminars are ordinarily offered as three-credit undergraduate courses, but they can also be offered as non-credit workshops (with a lower course workload and without final examination).  The courses are held in both intensive (2- to 4- weeks) or extensive (semester-long) formats anytime throughout the year.

For Hellenic American College students

If you are a current student at Hellenic American College, the Office can help you arrange a course of study for a semester or longer at one of the universities with which Hellenic American University cooperates in student and faculty exchange programs. Alternatively, we can help you identify a program at another university that may suit your academic goals more closely; we can then help you with the details of arranging your program and stay abroad.