Career Development Office

Career Development Office


The Career Development Office (CDO) supports Hellenic American College students in identifying and pursuing a career that will enhance the quality of their personal and professional lives.

More specifically, the CDO aims to:

  • Help students identify their values, needs, and goals as well as explore, cultivate and use their talents and strengths
  • Provide support, advice and guidance to students to help them make well-informed career choices and take appropriate action
  • Help students develop and use personal and professional competencies to be competitive in the labor market
  • Provide information about new jobs, trends, demands and prospects in the labor market
  • Create opportunities for productive student-employer interactions through networking, internships and access to available job vacancies
  • Enhance the employability of students and graduates

Career Development Activities

The CDO supports students throughout the career development life cycle, from discovering one’s talents and strengths and developing essential professional competencies to shaping their unique identity point and presenting themselves professionally to prospective employers.

Career Development Plan & Skills Workshops

The CDO helps students put together a Career Development Plan for the duration of their studies, and works with them to assess progress made in achieving various competencies. In light of their particular plan, students attend career development workshops each semester; topics include interpersonal communication, time management, networking, goal-setting and action planning among others.

Employment Resources

The CDO conducts employability research, collecting and providing information about labor market trends and employers’ skills demands at a national and international level. The Office networks with potential employers to develop internship opportunities and career placements for students and graduates. As part of this effort, the CDO also holds an annual career fair and organizes visits to companies.

Finding a Job

Working with the CDO, students build their own Unique Identity Point and learn how to consistently and professionally communicate this to future employers. The Office also provides assistance in CV & cover letter writing, and administers mock competency-based selection interviews.